I2P & Sustainable-X Collaboration

Sustainable-X is partnering with CREATE-X Idea 2 Prototype (I2P) program.

Applications are closed for the Spring 2024 Cycle! Check back for information for next semester in May.

The purpose of the new collaboration is to provide additional guidance and support for startups with a social and environmental impact going through the I2P Create-X program!

The program is hosted by Georgia Tech’s CREATE-X and is open to both undergrad and graduate students. Teams that apply and get into I2P will have a chance to also partner with Sustainable-X to receive additional mentorship and funding. Teams will have a chance to compete in the spring 2024 Sustainable-X Showcase for cash prizes.

How the Program Works


Students read through I2P rules and apply to their application link. The app can be found here [LINK].


Check the box at the bottom that notes your interest in also receiving support from the Sustainable-X program.


Our team will review your application and determine eligibility and fit for the cohort. Teams will be notified in December 2023.


Teams will utilize the Sustainable-X faculty and resources through Spring semester. I2P teams will be given first consideration for the Sustainable-X Showcase in March 2024.


How do I apply for the program?

 Simply fill out the form for I2P [LINK] and check a box on the bottom of the form noting your interest in being involved with Sustainable-X.

What will the program provide?

Those accepted into both I2P and Sustainable-X will receive the following from I2P:

  • a $500 reimbursement for physical expenses
  • course credit (undergraduate only)
  • mentorship from a Georgia Tech faculty member

The Sustainable-X program will provide additional financial resources and 1:1 mentoring with affiliated faculty.

How many team members are allowed per team?

Anywhere between two to five people. Five is the maximum number allowed.

Who is allowed to apply to the program?

One person on the team must have an affiliation with GT. All levels of GT (undergrad, graduate, Staff, PhD) are allowed to apply.

What is the timeline of the program?

You can apply from now until the beginning of the first day of Spring semester.The Cohort will start at the beginning of Spring semester. Teams will be given priority determination to present in the Sustainable-X Showcase in late March 2024. Details for the showcase are forthcoming.

When is the deadline to apply?

Teams are allowed to apply to I2P and the Sustainable-X collaboration up until the first day of spring semester.

What if I have questions that aren’t covered on this list?

Please send us questions via email to klukens3@gatech.edu

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